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If The Legend of Zelda Had Cops

The whole of Hyrule would be in the shit if the Five-Oh started nosing around. )

Best Navi Cosplay

All the components of Navi are here, right down to being really, really annoying.

Lost Woods on Accordion…on a Unicycle…in the Woods

Quite possibly the most wonderful thing you’ll see today.

Navi’s Song (Hey, Listen!)

Navi, a trusted fairy comrade of Link, gone on many an adventure with him. Floating by his side, fighting with him , they become an unstoppable heroic team. But, secretly, she’s been wanting a little more than epic battles. She’s wanted to have a bit of Link’s purple-headed weapon.

YTcracker – “The Link”

8-bit chiptune Zelda dubstep awesomeness is the order of the day with this badass video and track. Yo! So grab that NES console and throw it upside your head. Let’s ride the internets to the planet Nintendo and fuck shit up!

Gaming World Helps Oil Spill

You can always rely on Mario et al to help out in times of desperation, like the monstrous oil spill ogf the American coast. Go guys!