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Rube Goldberg Machine from Sex Toys

Start 2017 off the right way.

Total Unicorn ‘Mini Knee’

Don’t try to understand this, just go with it.

Nose Twerking

A new high watermark for human culture.

Roman Candle Minigun Fires 1001 Shots in 45 Seconds

A homemade Roman candle minigun created by attaching seven Cyber Cannon Roman candle fireworks to a 3″ PVC tube.

Following ATM Instructions

YouTube user Jacob Villarreal is given some unusual ATM instructions.

Very Weird Version of Simpsons Intro

Oh, hello nightmare!

Vagina in a Courtroom

I think she just likes saying vagina.

How To Remove a Tampon

Um, wow. This escalates quickly.


Still a better love story than Twilight.

Thomas The Tank Engine Theme (WTF Version)

The entire song was created from Childish Gambino saying “Eh”.

Turn Down For What Fail – Crazy Woman Car Chase

This is actually, a really great ad for a Scion. Looks like it handles really well.

Inappropriate Laugh Track, Take 2

Highly inappropriate, but you’ll be laughing still.

What Santa Does Outside of Xmas

This is what he gets up to the rest of the year.

Soap Dongs

Eventually you’ll just be fondling balls.

Special Delivery!

An eye-opening education in the world of “whelping.”

WTF Commercial For Milk in a Can

Oh dairy me…

Laughing at Cancer

That’s no way to treat someone with cancer.

Guy Simulates Racing Game With Beer Can and Iron

Who needs video games?

Vermilion Pleasure Night

Japanese late night variety TV at its finest.

Road Rage in Korea

Note to self: never provoke other drivers in Korea.