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Kim Jong un, Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin Dance to Uptown Funk

Robbing banks with these masks would be quite something.

Total Unicorn ‘Mini Knee’

Don’t try to understand this, just go with it.

Baby, This Song Is For You

Popular songs that use the word ‘baby’ get weirdly reimagined as if they were about actual babies.

Very Weird Version of Simpsons Intro

Oh, hello nightmare!

DuckTales the Alternate Intro

Dear God, WHY!?

Kitschy And Weird Singapore Music Vid

“I So Stunned like Vegetable” needs to become a thing.

Weird Russian Disco Guy

Here’s the next ten hours of your life sorted.


Still a better love story than Twilight.

Would You Date Sh*thead?

She can do a backflip. And count to two.

Punk Meets Street Organ in this WTF Video

This guy should be on Eurovision.

Cyanide & Happiness – Dentist

Yep, pretty much like any dentist you’ve ever visited.


Another highly dsiturbing video from Cyriak, this time with added mutating vaginal chimp monster.

Slow Mo Beatboxing

You’ll never look at beatboxing the same again.

Weirdest Drum Kit in the Universe

Pretty sweet idea for a drum kit, as long as you don’t mind getting seasick.

Jonathan Meese – Kraftwurst featuring DJ Ãœberkraut

Creepy and Disturbing…. yet extremely catchy.

How to play chess properly

You could tell it wasn’t a real game as soon as he started pissing on the board.


What the hell did I just watch!?

Worst Party Balloon Ever

He should have used helium…

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

The weirdest music video you’ll see today.

Two-legged Robot Sighted In Pasadena

Talk about beyond weird, a freaky looking bot walks past a diner in Pasadena, CA. Where the hell is he going and why didn’t it stop for a coffee?