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A Message From Theresa May, The Strong And Stable Prime Minister

What the UK needs now is strong and stable leadership which is also strong and stable but also stable and strong.

Doug Stanhope on USA vs UK Violence

“Don’t beat up ambulance drivers” – sound advice.

Drunk Scouser in Vegas

More incomprehensible than the undead: a drunk Scouser.

Jamie Cullum: Silent Sessions

He needs nothing more than a piano and his voice to create an ambient and sublime rendition.

Wolf Mystery is Revealed

November 2011 saw some strange occurrences in London. The arrival of a mysterious circus from Georgia coincided with videos surfacing online that appeared to show wild wolves at large across the capital. Meanwhile, a Dakov Circus van was seen and heard on the streets of London, growls and howls emanating from inside. But all was […]

Made In Detroit: Eminem And Chrysler

Detroit, it’s a place famous for a few things, but mostly for producing plenty of automobiles and also that guy who starred in that movie, 8 Mile. And while Mr Marshall Bruce Mathers III and the Motor City have both had to endure their fair share of hardships and upsets, it didn’t stop them from […]

Millbank Wankers (by Dan Bull)

The student anarchists took to the streets this week in London, and fucked some shit up. While there’s cries of alarm and fury coming from the ruling elite, it was a show of anger that shook them up and made the world take notice. That’s not to say that these kids’ parents taxes won’t go […]