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How TV Shows Are Made

A great insight into the workings of the people who make TV shows, taken from ‘The Armando Iannucci Show.’

Inappropriate Laugh Track, Take 2

Highly inappropriate, but you’ll be laughing still.

Hilarious Musicless Intro for TV Show MONK

This is a thousand times better than the normal intro.

The IT Crowd Piracy Ad

You’ll never illegally download anything again after watching this.

TV Presenter Waka Waka


Destructive Guitar Solo

Playing a heavy metal guitar solo can be somewhat hazardous to your home.

Giant Spider Attacks Weather Lady

The forecast looks cloudy with a big chance of arachnoid attack!

You Can’t Stop The News!

…….*WAIT!……….It seems you can!

Live TV Is Awesome!

It’s just like it’s happening in your front room!

Audrey Chawner farting

Jesus, what has she been eating?

Judge Dredd Kids Show

I really want this to be real.

Fat Cat Watching TV

Don’t fuck with this cat when he’s watching his favourite show. He’ll claw your insolence from your very soul — now go get him a fresh beer.

“Sixtify” Your Life

Remember the sixties? Of course not. If you were there, you don’t. If you weren’t there, you don’t. What gives? Thankfully we can all pretend like we were there and we remembered everything with this FB app. Just head on over to Facebook and you can “sixtify” your photos, because we all know that retro [...]

Mick Hocking Answers Questions for b.TWEEN 3D

We’re all torn when it comes to 3D, is it worthy or is it just another gimmick that’ll fade away like so many Betamax videos? Well according to our man here Mick Hocking when it combines with augmented reality games are going to hit some next level shiz.

Wimbledon 2011 (and Maria Sharapova) In 3D

This year Wimbledon 2011 is going to be a little bit special, For the first time in 125 years the greatest tennis action from the Championships will be aired live - in 3D - at cinemas all across the globe. Never before has it been possible to have such an immersive tennis experience, it will [...]

Reality TV: The Future

If there’s one question that’s balancing in restless anticipation on the very tip of everyone’s tongues it’s: What next for reality TV? Well, you’ll be glad to know it involves killer dolphins, bimbos, drag queens, space, love, hate, weight loss, and a bunch of other crazy stuff that will blow your skull wide open. The [...]

Crime Cops

You know those forensic crime scene shows. You know the ones, the shit ones with film actors earning an easy buck. Well, after watching this you’ll never be able watch one again. Which you’ll have this funny sketch to thank for.

Meanwhile, On TV

And people think the internet’s crazy, by the looks of things it’s got a lot to learn. A lot to learn.

Show Me The MONEY!!!!

No doubt you have so much talent you’re overwhelmed by it, leaving you an inert slob stagnating in front of a computer screen. Well it’s time to stand proud and show the world the creative slob you really are. If you can juggle rice while playing the banjo with your teeth, the world needs to [...]

Unanswered Lost Questions

So, LOST is over. That was a wild ride, baffling, confusing, exhilarating and annoying in equal measure. And the finale, while I enjoyed it, was about as revealing as a nun’s outfit. It was easier to count the questions they hadn’t answered. Here’s a few dozen of them.

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