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Melissa McCarthy Returns as Sean ‘Spicey’ Spicer

Spiccey goes to New York to confront Trump about the rumors he’s being replaced.

Trumpington Bee

Another day another press conference…

Peter Serafinowicz Does Wiretap Sassy Trump

It’s kind of terrifying to think that only the voice changed… the words are real.

Chicken Plays Trump Protest Song

Even chickens don’t like the new POTUS.

Sweary Trump Banter with Alexa

She’s got some mouth on her, has Alexa. And she *really* doesn’t like The Donald.

Trump Magamix

All rise for America’s new national anthem.

Trump 3D T-Shirt

It even has natural wind response hair.

Sassy Trump

Peter Serafinowicz does it again this time turning Trump sassy.

Trump Knows the Way!

It’s the new ‘unofficial’ campaign song for the 2016 Trump-Pence Republican Presidential ticket.