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Pranking a Grandma with Magic Tricks

These two need their own sitcom.

Awesome Fedora Tricks

Got a Fedora? No? Then buy one and learn these and people will think you’re cool.

Chalk-Covered Slow-Mo Skateboard Trickery

It’s hard enough skateboarding normally, but pulling these tricks with all that chalk on the board: kudos.

Football Mash Up | FATV

Nothing beats a kickabout down the local park, jumpers for goal posts and all that.

Amazing African Soccer Skills

This is awesome! We caught this unbelievable moment off camera during the filming of Guinness Football Challenge’s new season. African footballing greats Marcel Desailly, Kalusha Bwalya, Jay Jay Okocha and Rigobert Song were just messing around between takes and then this happened…

World Record 20 Parrot Tricks in 2 Minutes

Now this is an impressive parrot, look at all those neat tricks he can do. But can he make me a sammich? Can you Mr Senegal Parrot? Huh? No? Well then you are no fucking good to me. Except maybe as a sandwich filling.