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Owen Wilson Saying ‘Wow’ Instead of the Lightsaber Sound

Hilarious. They should use this in episode 9.

Best ‘Star Wars’ Moments From ‘The Graham Norton Show’

A very amusing compilation of The Graham Norton Show’s best Star Wars-related moments.

Star Wars Palpatine Shooting Stars

So, is this canon?

Storm Troopers Can’t Shoot

Obi-Wan must’ve been tripping when he said this about Storm Troopers.

Darth Vader Performs Star Wars Themes on Flaming Bagpipes

Portland, Oregon-based musician Brian Kidd, aka ‘The Unipiper’ dresses up as Darth Vader to perform iconic Star Wars music on his famous flaming bagpipes, while maintaining his balance on a Death Star yoga ball.

Dog Sounds like Star Wars TIE Fighters

So this is how the sound FX were done.

A Boy and his Tauntaun

Best kids Halloween costume ever.

Ghostbusters vs. Luke Skywalker

The Ghostbusters zap poor old Luke Skywalker in this amusing mashup.

Kylo Ren in Classic Movies

What if Kylo Ren was in your favorite movies of all time?

Crouching Tiger Swinging Lightsabers

What happens when the world of ancient east and a galaxy far, far away combine?

Darth Santa

The holidays have never known the power of the dark side… until now.

Darth Trump

A vote for Trump is a vote for the empire.?


Add this to the long list of random objects that sound like Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Cat vs. Star Wars TIE Fighters

This cat hates them as much as the rebel scum.

Star Wars The Force Awakens 80s Action Trailer

If Star Wars: The Force Awakens was an 80s action movie.

Chewbacca Toilet Paper Dispenser

This toilet paper dispenser does a spot-on impression of Chewbacca from Star Wars.

The Force Awakens… Then Falls Back Asleep

Darth Baby.

Mid-Fight Crossguard Lightsaber Debate

A Sith lord and a Jedi stop mid-battle to debate the functionality of the crossguard lightsaber.

Star Wars, Tie Figther Accident on the Highway

This is why you never go hyperdrive on a highway.

Lego Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

The new Star Wars trailer gets the stop-motion Lego treatment.