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Every Commercial Ever

Mitch Lewis from the Brooklyn-based comedy group, The Kloons takes a hilarious and painfully honest look at how advertisers prey on human insecurities.

The FIFA World Cup Story

The saga of the FIFA World cup and the three wholly honest and deeply ethical men who created it. Starring Sam Neill, Tim Roth and Gérard Depardieu.

Dancing on Ice Spoof

And by ice they mean methamphetamines.

Introducing LookFor, the World’s Dumbest App

Find friends instantly with LookFor!

Rainbow Swingers Party

Zippy at a swingers party? Say goodbye to your childhood.

Italian Spiderman Trailer

So better than the Spider-Man reboot.

The Illuminati Conspiracies Revealed


South Park – Please Drink Responsibly


Pentagon Has ‘Everything Must Go’ Sale

So this is how the Ferguson police got their equipment.

Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Voice Pack DLC Trailer Parody

OMFG!!! No doubt you can’t wait for this irrelevant piece of turd to be available on Xbox.

Celtic Walk

This is Irish dancing, South Central Los Angeles style.

Help The Police

NWA. The ‘W’ stands for ‘without’. Awesome.

Tommy TugBollocks

Best. Childrens. TV. Show. EVER!

2 Fast 2 Many Gear Shifts

I’ve not seen it, but this is how I imagine it. Except not as coherent.

How To Fix A Bad Tattoo


Die Hard – The Musical

Alan Rickman Singing? Yes please.

Not So Fast And Furious

I’d rather watch a film about this kind of race…

An Amazing Discovery

This explains A LOT.

Meet Jeff

Match dot com. More desperation.

Samuel L. Jackson Insists Reporter Says N-Word

Don’t do it bro, it’s probably some kind of trap!