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‘I’ve Got Poo’ – An Animated Song

Learn the lyrics, sing it to your friends.

Uk Miners Sing ‘The Northern Calypso’

“David Cameron may take our jobs but he can’t take our sense of humour” says one miner.

The World’s Gonna End, the Song

It’s inevitable: the world’s gonna end. Here’s a song about our impending doom.

Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s

One of the worst songs you’ll ever hear. But in a good way.

Five Special Potatoes

A special song about some special potatoes.

There’s Some Poo

If you like flying poo, you’ll love this.


This cat. What an asshole.

Dryer Plays a Ridiculously Long Song

Well, at least his dryer plays a song.

You Are a C U Next Tuesday

The lyrics are just beautiful.

A Song Composed Of Swear Words

It’s really catchy.

Biff’s Question Song

Biff from the Back to the Future movies gets asked a lot of the same questions from his time on those films. So he’s made a song to answer them all—and it’s fantastic.

‘Kill Yourself’ by Phil Nichol & Bec Hill

These guys are too good. They need to kill themselves.

It’s Christmas! The Christmas Song

Holy shit! It’s CWISTMAS!! So many right choices were made here.

Eskimo Brothers

If you don’t know what an “eskimo brother” is, get your ass to Urban Dictionary.

Parrot Whistles Along To Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Remarkable bird the Norwegian Blue. Beautiful plumage….

Dinosaurs And Their Biscuits

No wonder they went extinct, really.

Limmy’s Show – Up T’ Bloody Tree

Think this guy might be up t’bloody tree.

Neon Pegasus – Parry Gripp

Parry Gripp is officially a brony.

“NO WAY” – Worst Song Ever

The kind of song that makes you want to hate yourself for having ears.

Tim Minchin “If I Didn’t Have You”

If you’re married and you ever wondered the big “What If…” of not meeting your wife, then Tim’s song is for you.