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British Soccer Fans Want Their Inflatable Penis Back

There’s only on thing to chant when your inflatable penis gets confiscated.

Sports without fans is nothing – EURO 2016

Heartfelt story of a little girl and a life-long fan’s unforgettable experience to see their team play.

Russian Soccer Fans Mass Brawl

Soccer fans from Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg meet for a 76 man brawl on a snowy highway.

Kid’s Make BAD Goalies

…..But excellent candidates for total internet humiliation.

Rocket-speed escalator


Funniest Special Effects Ever

This is computing power put to some great use.

Football Mash Up | FATV

Nothing beats a kickabout down the local park, jumpers for goal posts and all that.

Amazing African Soccer Skills

This is awesome! We caught this unbelievable moment off camera during the filming of Guinness Football Challenge’s new season. African footballing greats Marcel Desailly, Kalusha Bwalya, Jay Jay Okocha and Rigobert Song were just messing around between takes and then this happened…

Soccer – America’s Path To Socialism

I knew it, I knew soccer was the work of the devil. Christ, they don’t even wear pads and what sort of godless game ends in a draw? The game of Beelzebub, that’s what. First they came for our sports, and we did not speak out. Well they will not take our freedom, those communist […]

GOAL! McMental – 6 Billion Euro Football Man

Shield your eyes, for it’s the psychotropic experience that is Jox McRox. And this time he’s bionic. In this season of soccer who better than this orange-afro haired, pot-bellied Scotsman to take to the field, rapping, rhyming, DJing, wooing the laydeez, and blinding us with his skillz. Your World Cup just got better.

World Cup Game Plans

Unless you’ve been living down a well with with baseballs stuffed in your ears you’ll know that the FIFA World Cup starts today. We all know Australia are going to win it, famed for their prowess on the soccer field while drinking a cup of tea and singing waltzing Matilda and spitting at the Queen […]

Ultimate Football Man Cave

Win Sh#t Loads of Stuff!!! A little thing called the 2010 FIFA World Cup is on the way, you may’ve heard of it. Which basically means you’re going to be getting wasted and watching football every day from 11 June for a whole month. A terrible business, but someone’s got to do it. So you’re […]