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Glory Hole

The Ol’ Glory Hole. The place where marriage goes to die.

Your Bad Self – Lemonade

You’ll laugh. Then you’ll die a little inside.

Cyanide & Happiness – Too Early

A guy gets a second chance at life when he dies before his time. But his second chance really doesn’t last that long.

Roadkill – Hairball

Just a cat and a rat going for a drive and discussing coughing up each other’s furballs.

The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting – Animations

Animation bumpers from an Australian sketch show: a place where high art meets debasing humor.

Ex-Men: Gambit

Professor X has no time for someone who just “throws stuff”. So bye-bye Gambit.

The Fast Show – Scorchio!!!


Music 2000 – Antony Carmichael

Best rap song ever.