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Don’t Be That Guy: Conversation Edition

Comedy pair Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton provides a funny PSA on the various types of conversation habits that everyone hates.

Why Guys Do Yoga

In the latest sketch from Third Leg Studios, a guy explains to his girlfriend the real reason he likes to take yoga classes.

Key & Peele: President Obama and Luther’s Farewell Address

Key & Peele’s new sketch shows President Barack Obama (Jordan) biding his final farewell and discussing President-Elect Donald Trumpm with help from his faithful anger translator, Luther (Keegan-Michael).

The Girl Who Has Never Laughed

They find things funny, they just don’t laugh. There are literally dozens of people like this and the world needs to know about their struggles.

Every Human Ever

Brooklyn-based comedy group The Kloons accurately illustrate the introspective concerns of just about every human on earth.

21st Century Drugs

There’s a new drug in town…

The Last Brownie

Some fun at a dinner party suddenly turns sinister.

Not Handsome

Baldness and handsomeness just don’t go together.

Grad School vs. Opening a Brewery

Middle class male struggles are so real.

Taylor Swift Boyfriend Orientation Video

Tips for Tom Hiddleston on having a successful 3-16 month relationship.

Tinder Profile Picture Day

College Humor hilariously spoofs the cliché profile pictures often found on the popular dating app, Tinder.

Things First Time Campers Do

A humorous sketch of what it’s like to go camping with people who have never experienced the great outdoors.

How TV Shows Are Made

A great insight into the workings of the people who make TV shows, taken from ‘The Armando Iannucci Show.’

Beware the Slap

No one is safe…

Finnish Booze Day for the Parents

How do grown up Finnish people behave, when their children allow them to drink alcohol?

Van Driver Attacks Innocent Cyclist


The History of the Selfie

Even 200 years ago the selfie was making people act like a-holes.

Most Dangerous and Exciting Police Chase EVAAR!

Traffic cops capture a shoplifter in spectacular fashion!

Scottish Police

This is what the police are like in Britain.

Every Business Meeting Ever

The characters that populate every meeting ever. Which one are you?