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You’re going to hell if you laugh at this.

Two Baboons Getting Jiggy on a Guy’s Car

The kids got a valuable life lesson that day.

Rémi Gaillard Indulges in Some Free Sex

How to score with the pretty ladies, the “so ronery” way.

Animals | GLYDE Condoms

So it seems condoms are tested on horses before they get to us. Or something.

Eskimo Brothers

If you don’t know what an “eskimo brother” is, get your ass to Urban Dictionary.


Hopefully making this song should remedy his situation.

It’s not easy being a giraffe

Sometimes public humiliation can put you off your game!

Sexing It Up With Sylvester Stallone

Whatever way you look at it, it’s sound advice.

Beard Sex

And that’s how goatees are made.

The Purity Bear: Dinner Date

No sex before marriage, if you do it will lead to depression and your soul will be eaten by howling banshees. So stick to the virgin ladder to success.

Horse trainer talks Sex on Live TV

So this is how horse trainers celebrate a win. Nasty.

Game On

It’s good to see the the county of Leicestershire, UK using the medium of the kids to get the message of safe sex across. I mean, every kid knows that 8-bit gaming is the future. Game on, indeed.

Tons Of Science Pussy – Action Figure Therapy

Always, always, always trust a bald one-eyed Mad Scientist toy, especially on matters of getting some horizontal jogging action from the chicks. This guy sleeps on a bed made from naked women, he knows.

Lil Esther

Well, this is rather disturbing. A little girl walking about asking people about donkey punches, a dirty sanchez and other degenerate sex acts. Something’s not right here, after watching this clip you’ll feel the need to scrub yourself in an acid shower with a razor blade.

Mario’s Sex Tape

Here’s Mario and Princess Peaches getting it on, it’s kind of NSFW. Don’t be disturbed, just look at the facts: Mario’s a plumber, and he has a porn star moustache – this tape was inevitable.

The Birds and the Bees…and the Pens

Bringing a whole new meaning to penetrative sex…