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International Women’s Day: Hertha Marks Ayrton

International Women’s Day celebrates the females who’s achievements in science, politics, economics, and cultural are still felt today. One such woman was the pioneering British scientist Hertha Marks Ayrton.

Unblocking A Toilet

A true masterclass.

A New Species of Caterpillar

Science, always endlessly fascinating. Here an entomologist discovers a new species of caterpillar in the Japanese mountains.

Rotate Your Owl

Dropping mad science, yo.

The Human Brain

Science stares long and hard with x-ray, lazer eyes into the heart of the human brain. What it sees there is something beyond even the hushed tones of nature documentarians and neurologists from the 1960s. It sees the cosmic order of Thoth filtered through the rainbow of truth.

The Periodic Table

Do you know your bismuth from your palladium? But you know your P Diddy from you Fiddy? Well then this rap may help you understand… something.

WKRP: Venus Explains the Atom

Explaining the atomic structure using street gangs? Oh, science just got real.

Tons Of Science Pussy – Action Figure Therapy

Always, always, always trust a bald one-eyed Mad Scientist toy, especially on matters of getting some horizontal jogging action from the chicks. This guy sleeps on a bed made from naked women, he knows.

Symphony of Science – A Wave of Reason

Science is cool, but auto-tuned science is infinitely cooler.

Shock! Horror! Severed Head Lives!

Oh it’s nothing, just some Soviet scientists in the 1940s experimenting with severed heads and bringing dead animals back to life. What? You mean you’ve never done that with Fluffy your childhood bunny? Oh come on! Don’t be such a pussy. Who doesn’t want the severed head of their dead pet twitching back to unholy […]

The Future Knows Best

Two respected scientists have suggested that the reason for the problems with the Large Hadron Collider – explosions caused by bread crumbs, inexplicable breakdowns – is because it’s being sabotaged from the future for fear of what we might find out: that the Higgs boson – a particle that gives all other matter mass – […]