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Russian Clown Car

A seemingly never ending number of Russian construction workers climb out of a small car, some even holding instruments, when they arrive to work.

How Not to Back a Lorry onto a Tug Boat

Another productive day in Russia?

Putin – I am Gay Gay

Russia’s leader has something to say.

Win a Cat in an Arcade Claw Machine

Meanwhile, in Russia….

TV Presenter Waka Waka


Russian Soccer Fans Mass Brawl

Soccer fans from Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg meet for a 76 man brawl on a snowy highway.

How I Met Your Mother Russia

The Russian version of “How I Met Your Mother.”

Russian Army Spoon Fight Prank

This is exactly what the Russian/US conflict is like, just with more spoons.

Public Information Film: What To Do In The Event Of A Nuclear Attack From Russia

After you’ve finished hyperventilating and pleading for humanity’s salvation, you’ll be glad you watched this.

Truck Driver Fights Pedestrian Without Even Stopping His Truck

Only in Russia.

In Soviet Russia Parking Spot Finds You

Parking lvl: Russian

Man Lights a Cigarette with a Crane

This guy lost his lighter (a tragedy), but fortunately a friend with an excavator is on hand to help him out.

Russian Motorcycle Stunt Team

A pair of not-so cunning stunts on display here.

Monkey Playing in the Snow

Only in Russia.

In Soviet Russia… Death avoids Russians

Whoever hands out licenses in Russia needs a talking to.

Leningrad — Fish

You won’t understand a word of it, but you’ll still find it amazing.

Typical Day in Russia

This has got to be the most extreme Russian dashcam footage ever. Wait for it…

Russian Humour

I don’t find it as funny as they do, but that just makes it funnier.

Kinect Kitty Kick

The most fun you’ll have with Kinect.

Welcome To Russia

This is most popular game in Russia. Is nice.