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Little Girl Meets a ‘Robot’

Rayna befriends a water heater she thinks is a robot and it’s adorable. ‘I wuv you robot.’

Robot Outsmarts ‘I’m Not a Robot’ Captcha Test

The uprising has begun.

This Pigeon is Not What it Seems

But it’s still not quite as repulsive as the real things.

A Robot That Helps You Argue on the Internet

This Internet Comment Assistant™ will fight your internet battles for you.

The Karate Kid Robot

This is Atlas, who for some reason is being taught Karate Kid moves by Mr. Miyagi.

Cute SD Card Micro-Mecha Robot Transformation

Memory cards, they’re robots in disguise! At least, they are in this video which shows a microSD card that doesn’t just store endless photos of your cat.

Boston Dynamics’ Terrifying New Robot Dog

Meet WildCat, who’ll be bounding into your post-apocalyptic nightmares some time soon.

Robot Doing a Quadruple Backflip

This is how it begins…

Two-legged Robot Sighted In Pasadena

Talk about beyond weird, a freaky looking bot walks past a diner in Pasadena, CA. Where the hell is he going and why didn’t it stop for a coffee?

Robot Offers Advice

Truly sage-like.

Best Reaction Ever

This is pretty much how I react when I see a giant robot dinosaur too.

Robbie – A Robot Film Made From NASA Footage

Don’t cry for Robbie, he’s already dead…

2.5 Minute Vibrations

This is the tragic but awesome story of one man who lost both his hands only to be replaced by epic cyborg gloves. He went on to become the star of all the best raves held before raves were even thought of. That man was DJ Robo-Hands.

Robot That’s All Too Human

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that this robot is freakishly lifelike, thus signalling the technological singularity and possible end of humankind. Or that the destroyers of humanity will be sporting a goatee. Ugh.

Philip K. Dick’s New Head

Good news for lovers of autonomous dead sci-fi novelists, Mr Dick’s head has been rebuilt so his android self can live to freak us all out another day.

The Bit-52s – “Rock Lobster”

When robots and retro computer parts collide you get this tribute to The B52s, only filtered through electronics. I, for one, welcome our new circuit-based musical overlords. Time to move that mechanical shell like it was 3000AD while dancing the robot and: Speak. Like. A. Da-ah-lek.

Naughty NaviBot

What the hell is this freaky thing? Making mischief and wrecking the place, sounds like someone I know. But it definitely isn’t them because they can’t fly. I might not know what this thing is but I still want one. No in fact, I want a whole army of them. That’d be sweet.