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Rapping Fast on Helium

Rapper Mac Lethal sounds like a chipmunk on speed as he shows of his famously fast rapping abilities while taking hits of helium.

Kanye West Vs. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell isn’t impressed with Kanye’s rapping skills.

Rap Artist “Presto Flo” Falls into Sea During Photo Shoot

It’s Presto vs. the wind and the wind wins.

The Swaggest Rap Song Ever

Altogether now, “Pussy pussy pussy marijuana-juana, pussy pussy pussy marijuana!”

Brian Williams Raps “Baby Got Back”

Is there anything this guy can’t rap?

Limmy Discusses Curious Dad Rapper Pitbull

WTF is this rapper and why does he look like an escaped Mexican criminal?

Cattle Auctioneer, the New Rap God

The dopest auctioneer man there ever was.

Brian Williams’ Rapping is Ludacris

Brian Williams told The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about how much he loved the mashup rap videos they produce, so they made his dream come true when he requested Ludacris’ “Rollout.”

Best Rapper EVER :/

Juiceboxxx performs an, erm, “interesting” live version of his track “Like A Renegade”. You cringe you lose! And check out the original below, which shows what good production can do for an artist.

Drum Covers of Rap Songs

That poor drum kit never stood a chance.

Breaking News

“Everything that you do bad comes back to you” – Oh the humanity 🙁

“NO WAY” – Worst Song Ever

The kind of song that makes you want to hate yourself for having ears.

What is Rap? – Switchback 1987 Stu Jeffries

Proof, finally, that rap music ain’t what it used to be. It is music’s, and our, loss.

“Minecraft Epic Rap” – Dan Bull

Minecraft + Dan Bull = You want to watch this.

2Pac and Biggie freestyling with Plan Z

You ready for that raw dog shit, man? Oh you better be.

The Periodic Table

Do you know your bismuth from your palladium? But you know your P Diddy from you Fiddy? Well then this rap may help you understand… something.

cHip sHop- tickle vs dead prez

Nothing is more street than getting a second dinner down the chip shop, doesn’t matter if you’re east coast or west coast, salt and sauce is totally pimp, yo.

Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking -Epic Rap Battles of History #7

The mind that came up with the theory of relativity versus the guy who came up with a theory on black holes that contradicted himself and thus nearly got caught in the event horizon of his own brain. Who will win in a rap battle between these eminent brainiacs?

GOAL! McMental – 6 Billion Euro Football Man

Shield your eyes, for it’s the psychotropic experience that is Jox McRox. And this time he’s bionic. In this season of soccer who better than this orange-afro haired, pot-bellied Scotsman to take to the field, rapping, rhyming, DJing, wooing the laydeez, and blinding us with his skillz. Your World Cup just got better.

Die Antwoord

South Africa’s premier rap group Die Antwoord get interviewed in their hood and give us a taste of their supreme badassness with a lyrical assault. Just check out Ninja’s Dark Side of the Moon boxer shorts. You wouldn’t see Eminem in those. Die Antwoord ft-muthafucking-w.