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Girlfriend Revenge Prank Fail

In this To Catch a Cheater video a girl wants to test her boyfriend’s loyalty by entraping him with an attractive-looking pregnant teen.

Pranking a Grandma with Magic Tricks

These two need their own sitcom.

Carpentry Trolling

This guy’s certainly not the sharpest tool in the box.

Peter Ness Plays Blackjack

Guy pranks the dealers of an online video blackjack service with his puerile username.

Guy Pranks Friend by Throwing His Voice at Drive-Thru

A guy places a whole order at a Sonic drive-through before realizing he was actually speaking to his friend in the back seat.

Pranksters Build Walmart Toilet Paper Fort

Two pranksters demonstrate how to build a comfortable fort, complete with furnishings, in the toilet paper section of any Walmart store.

Man Pranks Girlfriend with Simple Maths Riddle

Can you solve it?

Bear Suit Prank Goes Perfectly

Prank level: The Revenant

Birthday Card Prank

What a horrible person. I’ll take fifty.

Stuck On A Lamp Post Prank

Trick your friends into getting stuck on a lampost. Endless fun.

Chatroulette Jesus

It’s confession time.

Air Show Remote Control

It has the best ending ever.

Guy Scares Co-Worker Every Chance He Gets (Street Fighter Edition)

“PERFECT!” If you’re ever going to scare a work colleague, this is the only way to do it.

Guy Scams the Phone Scammers

This guy’s a hero.

Wake Up Prank Compilation

You’ll never sleep peacefully again.

Nathan For You: The Claw of Shame

This is pranking above and beyond the call of duty.

What’s In The Box!?

The lesson here is if you’re unsure of something it’s probably a prank, so best to send your friend in first.

Shopping List Prank: Easter 2014

Been after some diet water and a gravy hat for a long time.

Russian Army Spoon Fight Prank

This is exactly what the Russian/US conflict is like, just with more spoons.

Rémi Gaillard Indulges in Some Free Sex

How to score with the pretty ladies, the “so ronery” way.