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The Best Way to Escape the Police

Using this simple duct tubing trick, you’ll be able to evading capture from the police at all times.

Police Academy FAIL

A tribute to the best police departments in the world.

Instagram Sketch Goes Terribly Wrong

When your sketch ends up armed police surrounding you, maybe it’s time to rethink your approach.

Busted By a Policeman on Horseback While Doing a Wheelie

“Get out of the Square Mile and don’t come back.” Hey, we’ve all been there.

Drunk and High on a Scissor Lift

Steve ain’t coming down, and he certainly knows his rights no matter how stoned he is.

The Most Gentlemanly Arrest Ever


Riot Police play beach ball

Who says stopping extreme violence isn’t fun?

Best Cop Ever

Who knew a cop could be so damn likable!?

The Sound Of The Police

Catchier than a 2-tone…

44 Ton Truck Vs. Lane Hogger

This guy is obviously not a fan.

A Little Too Much

Dude is a legend. Let him off with a caution.

Police Officer Gets Down

If only all the police of the world were this laid back and fun-loving instead of uptight ball busters. Let’s get some of these guys policing riots.

Mr Don’t Give a Fuck

Right after this he went and spat in the face of God.