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Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ Sung in Cartoon Voices

Mikey Bolts hilariously covers Kendrick Lamar’s latest hit, ‘HUMBLE’ as Stewie and Peter Griffin from Family Guy, Hank Hill and Dale Gribble from King of the Hill, and Donald Trump.

‘Millennial Love’ – A Love Song for Millennials

A love song in the language of Millennials.

Bert & Ernie as Pesci & De Niro in Casino

The desert scene in Casino, as performed by Bert and Ernie.

The Scottish Lilo & Stitch

Definitely NOT one to show the kids.

Girl Only Wants Americanish Spoken

Is this girl for real?

How to Get Annoyed

Comedian Daniel Koren provides a simple, step-by-step guide on achieving an annoyed state of mind, anywhere, anytime.

Morpheus Jump Fail

Probably the funniest thing you’re ever going to see. Today at least.

Mark Wahlberg Poaches an Egg

Cookery tips from Marky Mark, what more could you want?

Do You Wanna Do Some Coke, Man? (Frozen Parody)

Frozen 2 is a lot more adult than the first movie.

Ripley Doesn’t like Your Ableton Set

And you don’t wanna piss off Ripley.

The Walking Dead Jedi

Michonne was secretly a Jedi all along. Who knew?

Marvel’s ‘How to Avenge a Guy in 10 Days’

The Avengers films reimagined as a campy romantic comedy.

The Antiques Roadshow

Back before the internet, adult entertainment was found in something called “magazines.”

Mental Help Hotline

What you don’t want to hear when you call the Mental Help Hotline…

The Internet

World wide wow.

How to Change Font Size on Microsoft Word

A really simple tutorial that’s a must watch.

Best Scene in Interstellar

An emotionally-charged scene.

Pampers Parody

So true.

Fall of Berlin Dallas Parody

The title sequence from 80s drama Dallas gets a WWII makeover.

Oh Colin Firth (“Encore Un Fois” Parody)

Much better than the original.