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Ozzy Man Reviews – Hare vs Wolves

Ozzy Man gives his commentary on an epic chase between a hare and a couple of hungry wolves, taken from BBC Earth.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Twin Saving His Brother

A critical analysis of a toddler rescue mission.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Man Punches Kangaroo

Ozzy Man Reviews adds hilarious commentary to a recent viral video of a man duking it out with a kangaroo.

Ozzy Man Reviews the Manliest Fight Ever

The PRIDE FC 21 MMA fight between Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama gets the commentary it deserves.

‘Ozzy Man’ Commentates on Homewrecker Penguin Fight

Ozzy Man Reviews adds hilarious commentary the viral video of a brutal fight breaking out when a penguin comes home and find his wife with another penguin.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Rugby Prodigy

God help the bully that tries to pick on this kid in high school.?