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Obama and Biden’s Shawshank Redemption

Biden and Obama’s bromance gets the film tribute treatment it so richly deserves.

Key & Peele: President Obama and Luther’s Farewell Address

Key & Peele’s new sketch shows President Barack Obama (Jordan) biding his final farewell and discussing President-Elect Donald Trumpm with help from his faithful anger translator, Luther (Keegan-Michael).

Barack Obama Sings Drake’s ‘One Dance’

President Barack Obama ‘sings’ Drake’s hit single, ‘One Dance.’

Obama: ‘We’re building Iron Man’

In other news Vladimir Putin legally changes his name to ‘Victor Von Doom’

First World Obama Problems

Sometimes the simple solutions work the best…

Obama Takes A Stand

Not really, it’s just Cassetteboy and Amnesty International. Pity.

American Crossroads: “Cool”

He may do a mean Al Green impression, but can he run a country?


The new scars on the back of Obama’s head are a sure sign that an alien has been implanted in there. And here is the undeniable proof! Behold the gates of Beelzebub’s ass will soon pour scorn upon humanity!

Republican Woman… Stay Away From Me

Witchcraft, lurid nights, backstabbing, lies, sex, video tapes, marches to restore/rebuke sanity. It’s all there in the midterm elections, in the red corner Obama and an administration who’re hated; in the blue corner teabagging tea party members and the crazies who’re so paranoid, it seems their own paranoia is out to get them.

David Cross on Conservatives

Those right-wing Conservatives, they’re a fun bunch aren’t they. Obama’s a Nazi, Bush was the Messiah, the earth is flat, Jesus loves you, Europe’s full of Communists. Crazy fools. But without them who would be fighting for regressive attitudes and standing up for our rights to be idiots?

Listen To Me, Barry!

I like the prez cos the prez smokes dope. No wait, that was Clinton, but he didn’t inhale. Make sure you inhale kids and you could be the next leader of your country, just like Obama. *inhales* (via

Dan Bull – America

Don’t like Obama’s healthcare bill? Then have a listen to this British guy with his fugly teeth, NHS glasses and fog breath, and feel that fury.

Obama vs. the Russian Mafia

I’m ashamed to say I’ve got nothing to write but LOL. LOL. (via

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