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Unclothed Man Does Trick with Cup and Tablecloth

In Japan, this man made a small ‘daring’ tour with a coffee cup and a tablecloth.

Meanwhile, in Japan…

That has got to hurt his manhood.

Love and Security – Naked Train Graffiti

Spray cans aren’t enough for these guys, they have to strip naked and use their bodies to graf up a subway train. And they get a full 10/10 for originality.

Beautiful Naked Stop-Motion

It’s not everyday you come across a stop-motion video created using 100 people in their birthday suits.

Naked Guy Picking Up Girls

He’s lucky he didn’t get pepper sprayed to death.

Fat Naked Jew On Shrooms

A fat naked Jew on shrooms in New Mexico, this just has to about be the pinnacle of human existence. The zenith, the high water mark. It’s time to get off humanity, we’ve reached our stop. Everybody off, a fat naked guy is running around the desert shooting a gun.