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How To Create A Skiing ‘Slope Song’

Just take a mashup artist, add some skiers, a dash of music and mix with plenty of snow…..Turn up volume and enjoy.

Amazing Busking Band

An ad hoc jamming sessions start in London after a bunch of instruments are left on the streets.

Washing Machine Drops Some Sick Beats

A washing machine drops some badass polyrhythmic drum beats while going through its spin cycle.

Mom Finds 8th Graders Spotify Playlist

And she’s not happy with all the sucking and f*cking.

How Drum and Bass is Made

it’s a fascinating process.

The Whitest Kids U’Know: Old Folks Home

The Whitest Kids U’Know, Trevor Moore sings a catchy song about visiting his grandmother in her old folks home.

Beats by Bulldog

South Africa-based musician Nic Smal creates a catchy beat using sounds made by his English bulldog.

The Music Behind the Worst Album Covers Ever

You’ve probably seen one of those lists of Worst Album Covers Ever knocking around the internet, well this is the music which belongs to such travesties.

Making Music with Siri

We have a winner for best use of Siri.

Guy Makes Remix From Airline Safety Announcement

It’s pretty damn good too.

How To Pull the Appropriate Guitar Faces

From lyric-mimicking to smelling the skunk, they’re all here.

Crazy Piano Keyboard Shuffle

Keyboard Cat better watch out, he’s got some competition in the shape of a baby and a whole bunch of other people who are having a collective jamming session on the Yamaha’s b series piano.


Sometimes radical measures are required…

Dreams Are Real

Time travel. Space Exploration. Violence. Drama. Love. Cats……Best music video. Ever.

A Piano You Can Plug Headphones Into? Want

Most of us listen to our music on the daily commute through a pair of headphones plugged into our smartphone. But that won’t do for chart-topping classical pianist HJ Lim.

Thumpermonkey – Sleeve

Sometimes ‘just because’ is all you need to know!

Major Scaled – ‘Nothing Else Majeur’

A digital scale shift of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. Genius.

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

The weirdest music video you’ll see today.

M4SONIC – Virus (Live Launchpad Original)

Musical ability meets chronic autism.

Holy Fuck – Red Lights

Funky Felines.