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Watch the Trailer for Baby Driver

Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) has a new movie coming out in 2017 and it looks like it’s full of his fast-pace editing and ear for a great song. It’s centered around a getaway driver looking to get out of the criminal world he exists in.

The Full McBain Movie Hidden Throughout Simpsons Epsiodes

All those seemingly disparate segments of McBain add up to an entire coherent movie. Who knew?

Lens Flare: The Movie

From the producer of some stuff and the director of some other stuff, comes this film about stuff. And lens flare.

Kristianne Baille

I would totally watch this movie.

Every Face Punch In Roadhouse

Honestly, I was expecting a lot more…

Abe Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

Best. History lesson. EVER!

My Best Friend’s Birthday

OK, so this is like half hour long, but so what, it’s Quentin Tarantino’s first movie. It has all the hallmarks that we’ve come to love or hate; the styles ripped from Scorsese and the French New Wave, and the goddamn muthafucking dialogue muthafucker.

He Is Not A Terrorist

Wow, this is deep. Who made this movie? The dead soul of Kierkegaard? I reckon. It’s just something to think about, yeah. Imma gonna have to go lie down, my brain hurts just thinking about the contentious issues this mock-classroom has raised. Profound.