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Monkey Throws Faeces at Little Girl

This baboon has had enough performing for one day, and so encourages the crowd to leave in his own unique way.

Solitary Monkey

They were sent to the zoo to film a tiger, they came back with this.

Monkey Steals GoPro, Films Itself

Not only did the monkey film this, he uploaded it to YouTube too.

Monkey Playing in the Snow

Only in Russia.

Monkey Dust: Clive

If you’ve been feeling depressed, then prepare to feel even worse, with this bleak but brilliant piece of animated fried gold. What’s the point, huh? The point is that no matter how bad it gets, there’s always Clive. Meg Lol.

5 Monkeys

OK, take a monkey (or Glenn Beck, both are the same). No wait, take 5 Glenn Becks. OK. Now say they’re traveling along a road on a car that looks like a banana. Now approaching them in the opposite direction is The Banana Splits. Tell me, would Glenn Beck masturbate?