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Things Moms Never Hear From Their Kids

A collection of phrases mothers wish their children would say, but almost never do.

When Your Mom Wakes up in the Morning

So true.

Dont Tell Mommy! 1000 bhp GTR

She told her mom, the minute she walked in the door.

Deadpool vs Hulk

Guy’s mom dressed as Hulk takes him down while he’s dressed as Deadpool. Why not?

Things I Learnt Playing COD Online

You’ll leave the game knowing much more about your mother than you probably want to.

Gangnam Style Mom

If you’re going to have an embarrassing mom, she might as well be Gangnam Mom.

I Am Your Grandma

Who said grandmas are cute and sweet and smell of must? Not this grandma, she’s a techno demon screaming from the electric feel.

Your Mother

Yo momma is so fat she goes KFC to lick other people’s fingers.

Mumatron Song

I don’t know if any of you knew, but Fearne Cotton’s mum, well, she’s got it going on. At least, according to this catchy little number she has.