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Fellowship of the Meme

‘One does not simply animate a meme. It drains my data plan in minutes!’

Here in My Garaaaaaage

That feeling when you only have 47 Lamborghinis in you Lamborghini account.

Success Kid

This is Success Kid all grown up.

Normally Attached Girlfriend

Not all girls are dedicated enough to be “overly” attached.


They come in all shapes and sizes….and ages.

Grumpy Cat Does the Harlem Shake

Best. Harlem Shake. Evar. So everyone can stop posting videos of it now.

Harlem Shake – Cephalopod Edition

Just because you’re a cephalopod, doesn’t mean you should miss out on the latest internet meme.

Harlem Shake – TL;DR Edition

All of them, at the same time. Enjoy.

Memes I’d Like to F#ck.

Memes with underwear models? Pure genius.

A Tribute to Trolololoman

The internet has lost one of its own.

Before The Internet…

Just because the interwebs wasn’t invented doesn’t mean people didn’t do weird sh#t!

Jurassic Pa-FENTON!!

Fenton, the herding dog, is already an internet legend. So let the memes commence! Fenton In London American werewolf in… FENTOOOOOON!

Keyboard Cat – The Toy!

Thank whatever fictional god(s) you believe exists, because they have answered all our prayers.

Regional Dialects Meme – Glasgow, Scotland

Up in Scotland they’ve not got much to entertain themselves, so they sit around squabbling over how to pronounce different words. Then once they’re done with that, they go eat a deep-fried snorlax.

World War II, Summarized with Memes

Let’s hope this gets taught in schools.

Keanu Mega-Meme

And to the universe’s delight, it continues. The newest Keanu pose, this time he’s eating a cupcake, gets added to all those others and the result is something so incredible it’s like a blow job from God.

OMG Cat Watches England Game

The English started their World Cup campaign in typical fashion, a nation’s hopes were dashed against the ragged rocks of brutal lame-footed reality. I think a whole nation was pulling an OMG Cat face as Robert Green fumbled England’s chances of a win. As that ball fell out of his hands, a nation’s jaw dropped, […]

The Trollminator

More terrifying than an army of vengeful intelligent cyborg assassins sent from a post-apocalyptic future to destroy mankind, is this. Beware the trollbots, they are among us…