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Forever Spinning Kid On Go Kart

When you hit six bananas in a row on Mario Kart.

Real Plumber in Super Mario Bros.

A foul-mouthed plumber tries to make sense of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Realistic Mario: Brick Block

It’s about time some realism was brought to bear on Mario World.

Wii U – Mario Kart 8 Trailer


Mario Goes Ape

Mushrooms? Flowers? No, it’s all about the AXE.

Super Mario 10 hours

Not got much to do today? Then why not watch everyone’s favourite fictional Italian plumber climb up a vine plant for 10 hours.

In The Game

You know when you’ve been playing a video-game for so long, like maybe five days straight, and then the real world begins to warp into the game. You think you need to shoot out every CCTV camera, or ram every car in front. Well, this guy has been playing way too much Mario 64. In […]

Koopa’s Revenge…Nearly

Those poor enemies of Mario, always getting stomped on and abused. But what if say Koopa picked up the invincible star power-up for a change, huh? How about that, the tables have turned and Mario doesn’t seem quite a-such a tough guy.

Gaming World Helps Oil Spill

You can always rely on Mario et al to help out in times of desperation, like the monstrous oil spill ogf the American coast. Go guys!

How the iPad Came to Be

I can’t wait to see what Apple do with the other Mario power-ups.

Mario’s Sex Tape

Here’s Mario and Princess Peaches getting it on, it’s kind of NSFW. Don’t be disturbed, just look at the facts: Mario’s a plumber, and he has a porn star moustache – this tape was inevitable.

Mario’s Wardrobe

What to wear? Hmm…