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Man Farts Slayer

Hand farts, that is.

Forrest Gump Beatboxing Scene

A classic scene from the 1994 Oscar-winning film.

You Are a C U Next Tuesday

The lyrics are just beautiful.

How To Join The Illuminati

Seems legit.

Girl Voice

The greatest impression of a girl’s voice you’ll ever hear.

Kunt and the Gang – Fapping Over A X-Rated Polaroid Of An Ex-Girlfriend

Safe to say this video’s probably going to be NSFW, unless you work in the offices of Kunt and the Gang.

How To Conceal a Boner

This is invaluable for all men—and a completely fool proof method for ridding unwanted boners.

Your Average High School Student

This is pretty much every high school student, neatly summed up in 6 seconds.

Cyanide & Happiness – Daydreaming

Because sometimes it’s just nice to imagine what it’s like to be a curious snail.

How I Almost Killed Grandpa with the Internet

Look on the brightside Grandpa, you can check out goatse when you wake up.

Hey, Ron. Hey, Billy.

For someone who’s just fallen through a ceiling, this is the chillest dude ever.

If Google Was a Guy

If Google was an actual person, all those dumb questions you ask it sound even dumber, you dumb-dumb.

Comebacks to Drugs – Swan Hill Health

A very important video with some handy tips on how to say no to drugs. It just so happens to be inadvertently hilarious too.

Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were a Goat When You Walked in

You’ll never enjoy a Taylor Swift video as much as this one.

Harlem Shake v3 (office edition)

Seizure man needs to become a new meme.

Korean High School

Meanwhile, in Korea…

Cat Playing Chess

It’s a cat. It’s playing chess. That is all.


Hey. This is Jack and he’s hey. So heyo. And heya. And hay.

World War II, Summarized with Memes

Let’s hope this gets taught in schools.