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Worst Mother’s Day Ever

Pure hilarity.

Farting Waffle Maker

While making some late-night waffles, Brandan VanHaaren couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when his waffle maker started making farting noises.

Pavement Rage

It’s real. it’s happening. So just be careful out there.

What Does That Male Prostitute Look Like Again?

This was never going to end well.

Stuck On A Lamp Post Prank

Trick your friends into getting stuck on a lampost. Endless fun.

Aussie Sniper

The most unreliable sniper in military history.

Jones Big Ass Truck Rentals & Storage

The highest form of art.

Greatest Accent Ever

Who knows what he’s saying, but it’s hilarious the way he says it. Frostbit!

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Cat

Whatever you do, don’t blink.

Toilet Roll Changing – Teenage Instructional Video

Fed up with his son not changing the toilet roll properly, a dad decides to give him some help.

Girl Voice Guy is Back

He’s back to show us more of his awesome impression.

EDM Babies Dancing

These babies are total casualties—but they definitely know how to party.

How to Get a Baby Phone Toy to Curse

Kids these days, totally spoilt—back when we were young we had to shout motherfucker with our own mouths.

One Direction – Midnight Memories Shred

The band are redubbed with awful off-key singing—and they’ve never sounded so good. LOVE YOU NIALL!

Eskimo Brothers

If you don’t know what an “eskimo brother” is, get your ass to Urban Dictionary.

Dance Moves

Brent Weinbach demonstrates some new dance moves great for use at the club or at home.

Tim Tests His Lungs…

What one might call, the megalulz.


If you’re feeling in any way miserable today. I dunno, maybe you stubbed your toe or they didn’t have your brand of cereal in the shop this morning. Something devastating like that. Well, then this’ll cheer up. Scroll on.


All aboard…

Serbian Ninja Turtle Song

Well, as WTF goes this is up there with some of the best.