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A Boy and his Tauntaun

Best kids Halloween costume ever.

Kid Fails At Obstacle Course

We’re all this kid really.

This Kid’s Dancin’s On Fire!

Light it up!

Kid Destroys Dollar Store

His parents must be so proud.

RC Cars and Kids Don’t Mix

This kid is now permanently scarred from going anywhere near RC cars for the rest of his life.

Butt Teeth

The bad words are strong in this one, he’ll grow up to swear like a pro on Call of Duty.

Kid’s Make BAD Goalies

…..But excellent candidates for total internet humiliation.

Best Birthday Ever! WTF!?

This kid gets the surprise of his life.

Golden Eagle Tries To Snatch Kid

“Goddamn this human is HEAVY!!!”

Muscle Flex KO

He was overcome by the fumes of his own awesomeness.

The Mural

Kids these days, they don’t even know how to ruin a decent wall. I mean, just look at the crappy typeface he’s used. Duh.

Kid Wins Contest

This kid’s got balls the size of sub atomic particles.

Tyler’s Power Kick

Little bugger doesn’t know his own strength.

Baby Got Beat!

After watching Hit Girl in Kick-Ass I lie awake at night & worry that every little girl in pig tails is gonna suddenly freeze frame, get a manic glint in her eye, before swearing like a sailor who’s been refused shore leave and start attacking everyone in the room like a midget ninja from planet […]

Little Chatroulette Bastard

This kid’s already trolling at 8 years old. There’s hope for humanity yet.