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Jesus Escalator Fail

Nailed it.

Jesus Smoking Weed

Praise be.

The Walking Dead with Benny Hill Theme

So, so good.

Jesus Vs. Dinosaurs

It wasn’t a asteroid that killed the dinos, it was Jesus.

Weed Jesus

The savior has cometh!

Chatroulette Jesus

It’s confession time.

Skater Spills Some Coffee, Reacts Badly

Guess he likes, ahem, ground coffee… yeeeeaaaahhhh!

Cross Fit by Jesus (CrossFit parody)

Nothing beats exercising with a holy cross strapped to your back.

How to Catch a Kangaroo

This is how they catch a ‘roo in Straya mate.


Prepare yourself, for you’re about to witness the best video on YouTube.

Dr Jesus Trott – The Revenge Trailer

Forgive and forget? Not this Jesus. Not in this lifetime. The Son of God is pissed off, biblically, and he wants blood. Christianity just got uglier.