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Meanwhile, in Japan…

That has got to hurt his manhood.

Eating 7lbs of Big Mac Flavored Rice

Try this at home? Or maybe not.

2 Japanese Girls, 1 Cockroach

Two women try to blow a cockroach into each other’s mouth. Japanese gameshows, smh.

Vermilion Pleasure Night

Japanese late night variety TV at its finest.

Bizarre Japanese Ad for WonderCore Ab Machines

If you never want to get hurt again AND get great abs, you need this in your life.

Don’t Light Up While Others Are Eating

Especially not if this girl is around, cos she’ll go absolutely nuts.

How They Advertise The Walking Dead in Japan

Um, wow. Could they sound any more unenthusiastic?

Weird Japanese Gum Commercial

Is it supposed to be the stuff of dreams or nightmares? 

High Blood Pressure Man

Clearly the greatest super hero ever.

Vegetable Suicide

No matter whether you’re vegetable, human, mineral or animal, suicide should never be an option.

Fairy Wish Prince

Your move, Japan.

Best Reaction Ever

This is pretty much how I react when I see a giant robot dinosaur too.

Typical Japanese Interview

It all makes perfect sense.

Japanese Tag

Nothing to see here. Just a 24 hour game of tag where Japanese people are locked in a stadium and chased by gimps who beat them.

Takeo Ischi – New Bibi Hendl 2011

Yep, it’s that part of the internet again.

Robotic Rings for Wearable Robotic Interaction

So this is what they do with old Furby parts.

Ukulele Crazy

Don’t ask. Just watch.

Dominos Pizza on the Moon

Great, now aliens can fully enjoy shitty pizza too.

WTF Japan Seriously!? We’re out of Milk

The fucking goddamn Japanese. They can’t even do a milk advert without doing backflips down the street and crawling about like a fucking crab. But that’s why we love them.

Los Alguiens – El Internet

I’ll see your Japan and I’ll raise it these guys. Oh, what’s that Japan? Huh? That’s what I thought, nothing. You’ve got nothing to come back with, have you? Best go team up with those crazy Scandinavians and then we’ll see who wins the internet.