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A Robot That Helps You Argue on the Internet

This Internet Comment Assistant™ will fight your internet battles for you.

The Internet

World wide wow.

How I Almost Killed Grandpa with the Internet

Look on the brightside Grandpa, you can check out goatse when you wake up.

Skynet Gets Closer

The internet shutdown in Syria on Thursday and below is a video of network routes being withdrawn across the country. People think it might’ve been the government, but we all know it’s the machines.

The Internet in 9 Seconds

We laugh because it’s funny. We laugh because it’s true.

A Tribute to Trolololoman

The internet has lost one of its own.

WTF Music Video

Do not adjust your internet, it’s supposed to look this way.

Dustin’s Gif Shop

Come one, come all. Behold, the greatest gifs the world has ever seen. Well, kinda.

The Peep Jeep

The internet. Giving freaks and weirdoes an outlet since 1998.

Los Alguiens – El Internet

I’ll see your Japan and I’ll raise it these guys. Oh, what’s that Japan? Huh? That’s what I thought, nothing. You’ve got nothing to come back with, have you? Best go team up with those crazy Scandinavians and then we’ll see who wins the internet.

Today Show January 1994…What is the Internet?!

This is as bad as seeing a high-speed train whizz past you and for you to then point excitedly at it and remark, ‘Look everybody, the INTERNET!”


It can be confusing to describe a balloon race across the internet. And that’s not because it’s a confusing game, it’s just because it’s a balloon race. Across the internet. The race course that all the balloons fly through is made up of loads and loads of websites. Each website has the race course floating […]

The Trollminator

More terrifying than an army of vengeful intelligent cyborg assassins sent from a post-apocalyptic future to destroy mankind, is this. Beware the trollbots, they are among us…


Pedobear’s not going to like this one bit. But at least someone is thinking of the children. Won’t somebody – PLEASE!! – think of the children! I’m a supporter of this scheme, and I think we should go one further and just shut down the internets. Get rid of it all and let’s go live […]

State of the Internet

It’s something we all casually use trawling for pr0n, poking our friends or looking for lolz. But just how many people use the web? How many emails were sent? How many of those were spam? Gimme some stats godammit! I want stats!


Yeah I’ll just have a quick glance at what’s going on on the world wide tubes…Argh!

Dante’s Internet

“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself in a dark wood, for the straight way was lost.” Sounds like he ended up at 4chan. There’s a special place in hell for the sinners of the intertubes.

The Internet: The Picture

Look everybody…THE INTERNET! Epic picture is epic.