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Smartest Man On Earth

One day you too could be as smart as this guy.

How Dumb is this Guy?

But hey, at least he tried. That’s what really counts.

It’s Pronounced Gif

The debate rages on.

Guy Accidentally Tasers Himself

To say he was asking for it is an understatement.

How Not to Say the Word Magnificent

Kids, this is why you should stay in school.

Kicked in the Head by a Train

And this is why you never take selfies near moving trains.

Sometimes Security Cameras Catch a Gem

Someone’s getting fired.

Drunken Fencing

Who says dangerous weapons and alcohol don’t mix?

Unblocking A Toilet

A true masterclass.

My Bus Experience (NEW) – Racist Man on London Bus

If you want to meet a racist, hop on a bus.