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Why Guys Do Yoga

In the latest sketch from Third Leg Studios, a guy explains to his girlfriend the real reason he likes to take yoga classes.

Fellowship of the Meme

‘One does not simply animate a meme. It drains my data plan in minutes!’

This Putin Translation Seems Legit

The guy who made this better never go to Russia, unless he likes gulags.

Trumpington Bee

Another day another press conference…

The News Hasn’t Happened Yet

Trying to make sense of the news, this guy puts his face on some news footage.

Drugs - A Snapchat Sketch

Two guys try a drug they’ve never heard of.

‘Home Alone’ With Blood

Video editor Sean Fimio humorously added some realistic blood to the classic comedy film Home Alone.

Uk Miners Sing ‘The Northern Calypso’

“David Cameron may take our jobs but he can’t take our sense of humour” says one miner.

How to Go Christmas Shopping With a Baby

New Zealander dad, Jordan Watson, demonstrates a simple life hack for keeping track of your kids while Christmas shopping at the mall.

21st Century Drugs

There’s a new drug in town…

You Suck at Cooking: Beef Stew

With the death grip of winter creeping upon us, You Suck at Cooking shows us a hearty recipe for beef stew.

Pimp My Wheelchair

A touching story about a man with cerebral palsy who finally gets some good chach.

Doug Your Enthusiasm

Doug Funnie and Skeeter from 90s cartoon, Doug, reenact a hilarious scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

How Drum and Bass is Made

it’s a fascinating process.

Sassy Trump

Peter Serafinowicz does it again this time turning Trump sassy.

Planet Snoop: Unexpected Catfish

Everyone’s favorite nature-documentary narrator Snoop Dogg brings forth his epic and hilarious commentary skills.

The World’s Gonna End, the Song

It’s inevitable: the world’s gonna end. Here’s a song about our impending doom.

Parrots Show How to Dance to EDM

Dancing pet parrots demonstrate the proper way to dance to various styles of electronic dance music.

How Facebook is Like Your Desperate Ex

Facebook is basically your needy, desperate ex.

Putin Solves the Syrian Conflict

A few slaps to the face and Putin sorts it all right out.

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