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Mistaken Google Searches Become Catchy 80s-Style Song

Comedian ‘Hot Dad’ has created an amusing song out of mistaken google searches submitted as a comment on the Google Search App Facebook page.

If Google Was a Guy

If Google was an actual person, all those dumb questions you ask it sound even dumber, you dumb-dumb.

YouTube Bullshit

Altogether now: FUCK Google+

Changes to YouTube November 2013

Google = bunch of cunts.

Search Skills (Or Lack of)

Yeah, it’s frustrating watching a family member who’s not used to browsing the web with ubiqu-Google. But you know what’s even more annoying? Having someone hovering over your shoulder while you’re trying to type. Guaranteed to make you commit mistake after mistake.

Google Suggest Divides

It’s official, we’re all a bunch of ronnery, incestuous, unedumacated randy freaks – at least according to the Google. Sweet.