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Do A Poop

Gamble on DOG poop for big prizes and ultimate bragging rights!

The New GTA V Trailer

It looks so unrealistic to be taken seriously 🙁

How to beat Tetris

And that kids is how i met your mother!

Spiderman Fails

Funniest quick time event EVER!


The nerdiest pumpkin ever carved.

Mario Goes Ape

Mushrooms? Flowers? No, it’s all about the AXE.

Japanese Tag

Nothing to see here. Just a 24 hour game of tag where Japanese people are locked in a stadium and chased by gimps who beat them.

Injured People For Sale

Are you aware that insurance companies sell personal injury claims to the highest bidder? Rotten, huh?

Nathan Drake – The Uncharted Audition

Ever played Uncharted? Well, now you can win the chance to create your own in-game multiplayer character for Uncharted 3

Dubious Claims Game

Let’s face it, insurance premiums suck already, so we definitely don’t need jerks jacking the rates up even more by staging fake accidents or submitting bogus claims. But who says insurance claims can’t be fun? The folks at Spencers Solicitors, who help innocent victims of genuine claims get compensated, created this fun little game called […]

“Sixtify” Your Life

Remember the sixties? Of course not. If you were there, you don’t. If you weren’t there, you don’t. What gives? Thankfully we can all pretend like we were there and we remembered everything with this FB app. Just head on over to Facebook and you can “sixtify” your photos, because we all know that retro […]

Building the Dream

There are a few jobs that every kid dreams of doing, one of those is game designer. Right now we’re seeing new generations of game designers ripping up the rule book and investing games with that childhood sense of wonder and discovery—using their energies and imaginations to stretch the platform’s capabilities, developing games that push […]

Wanna Play a Game?

Jules and Vincent should never, ever get into a staring competition. They’re lucky the world didn’t eat itself.


It can be confusing to describe a balloon race across the internet. And that’s not because it’s a confusing game, it’s just because it’s a balloon race. Across the internet. The race course that all the balloons fly through is made up of loads and loads of websites. Each website has the race course floating […]

Black Man Loves Pokemon

Pokemon are off the fucking chain, mofos! This badass bitch ass gangster dude can’t get enough of his Pokemon, the real street heroes. Don’t mess with this guy and don’t mess with his Pokemon, because he knows they will fuck you up. Especially Pikachu. Oh, and Jigglypuff’s hot, yo.

Scaring The Crap Out OF Your Friends!

Halloween’s approaching, which means lots of girls in skimpy clothes — bonus — and you get to scare the living crap out of your buddies and little bro, and no one can bust your ass for it. But instead of having to go about the labourious business of setting up a trick, use this instead […]

Space Race

Every child wanted to be an astronaut, flying into the unknown reaches of a mysterious cosmos for the good of mankind. But reality bit. Now you can realize that dream by WINNING a FREE trip to SPACE. Imagine it! Time is ticking, so get playing to win!

Chargy Bargy: Grand Slam from O2

Choose your team, choose your opponent, puff up your chest, catch the ball and run for it! Charge yourself up and knock down as many opponents as you can while avoiding others. Get a high score to win some awesome prizes


Control the ever-cool bling-tastic Mr. T, bounce the ball off his tank against the bricks and Snickers bars above. Get some nuts, get some points, get a high score. Show Mr. T who da man, don’t make him pity the fool!


Looking for the perfect partner but don’t have the patience (or social skills) to find one? Fear not because Virtual Self Industries have created a handy application, matching you with your ideal partner, be they be blonde, brunette, active or inert.