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Grant a Wish Kid’s Touchdown is Denied


The Somniloquist

Adam Rosenberg recorded himself talking in his sleep nearly every night for a year. These are some of the hilarious things he said.

Iguana Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode run iguana style.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Man Punches Kangaroo

Ozzy Man Reviews adds hilarious commentary to a recent viral video of a man duking it out with a kangaroo.

21st Century Drugs

There’s a new drug in town…

When Nigel Farage Met Donald Trump

The two really connected.

Remember That Feeling?

When you get the Christmas present you always wanted your inner child is released in all it’s fury.

‘Ozzy Man’ Commentates on Homewrecker Penguin Fight

Ozzy Man Reviews adds hilarious commentary the viral video of a brutal fight breaking out when a penguin comes home and find his wife with another penguin.

How Is Prangent Formed?

A guy reads some of the hilariously misspelled pregnancy questions from Yahoo! Answers.

Laser Pope Trailer

A young pope is killed by his fellows, then resurrects as a kind of Holy Robocop days later to kick ass.

Guy Does Amazing Velociraptor Impression

He should definitely be in the sequel to Jurassic World.

Gay Cruising - An Ill Informed Guide

It’s an ill informed guide to gay cruising.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Rugby Prodigy

God help the bully that tries to pick on this kid in high school.?

Jaboody Dubs: Lizard Hose

Comedian Justin Davison (aka Jaboody Dubs) hilariously mocks the OTT infomercial for the ‘amazing’ expanding Lizard Hose.

The Last Brownie

Some fun at a dinner party suddenly turns sinister.

Guy with Tourettes Reads a Kid’s Rhyme

It’s Three Blind Mice but a very adult version.

Carpentry Trolling

This guy’s certainly not the sharpest tool in the box.

Hawk Hurls Snake at Family Eating Lunch

Maybe the hawk just wanted some help grilling the snake? for his own lunch?

You Suck at Cooking: Corn on the Cob

Parody cooking series You Suck at Cooking explores various ways to shuck and prepare freshly caught corn on the cob.

Peter Ness Plays Blackjack

Guy pranks the dealers of an online video blackjack service with his puerile username.

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