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Man vs. Mantis Slap Fight

Guy has a slap fight with a praying mantis using his fingers.

‘Ozzy Man’ Adds Commentary to Greatest Drunk Fight Ever

Ozzy Man Reviews adds his Aussie brand of commentary to a sloppy frontyard fight between two heavily intoxicated friends.

Fastest Cat Fight Ever


Russian Soccer Fans Mass Brawl

Soccer fans from Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg meet for a 76 man brawl on a snowy highway.

Two Wild Kangaroos Do Battle in Australian Suburb

Notice how no one bothers to intervene. Sickening.

Chinese Airplane Fight (With Accurate Subtitles)

Debating who’s the best Teletubby always—ALWAYS—results in acts of violence.

Truck Driver Fights Pedestrian Without Even Stopping His Truck

Only in Russia.

How to Fight a Baby

Wind is their Achille’s heel.

2yr Old Girls Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other

You won’t wanna meet one of these in a dark alley. Be afraid.

Coffee Sir?

Is it me or is full contact fighting getting less hardcore?

Gorilla vs. Goose

Bet you can’t guess which one of these will be the victor.

Taiwanese CG Animation: Chris Brown vs. Drake

These Next Media Animation vids should replace the actual news. So much more fun.

Cat vs. Snake

You can’t really beat interspecies fighting. Seeing the variety of animals on this earth pitted against one another in the art of combat, especially when one of those animals is a famous cat from a cartoon strip. Go Garfield!

Pastor Ultimate Fight

This pastor knows how to kick some congregational butt! Look at him, laying down his sheep with the mastery of a seasoned Ryu. Forget about healing people, this guy kicks ass for the Lord.

Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin

An awesome music video answers that, ahem, burning question of what would happen if you brought a fire extinguisher to a flame thrower fight. The answer? Well watch and find out.