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How Not to Do a Lake Jump

There’s a lot of anticipation here, but ti’s worth the wait.

Hot Beer Equals Drunk Fail

A drunken attempt to make ‘hot beer’ using a kettle goes as about as well as you might expect.

Sea Lion Drags Little Girl into Water

Holy crap. This is how the sea lion takeover begins. Kudos to the guy who jumps in though.

Morpheus Jump Fail

Probably the funniest thing you’re ever going to see. Today at least.

When Twerking Goes Horribly Wrong

She definitely shouldn’t have worn white pants.

Jesus Escalator Fail

Nailed it.

Man Greeted by Hissing Alligator in Storm Drain

Not exactly the most welcome surprise.

Recording Fail

His dad’s not gonna be happy.

Fan Attempts Proposal During Hawks Kiss Cam, Drops Ring

A fan tried to propose to his girlfriend, but it all went wrong when he dropped the ring.

Parkour: Expectation vs Reality

Parkour is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle of failing.

Go Karting Fail

She tried to kill him, but he swerved her ass?.

How Not to Back a Lorry onto a Tug Boat

Another productive day in Russia?

How to Eat Corn and Lose Your Hair

Well, that could have gone better.

Watermelon Experiment Goes Wrong

And that’s why you always do it outside.

Kid Fails At Obstacle Course

We’re all this kid really.

A Tribute To Those A-Hole ‘Friends’ We All Have

With friends like these who needs enemies.

Police Academy FAIL

A tribute to the best police departments in the world.


Some players use the V.A.T.S. system to troll.

Why You Should Buy an Acrylic Water Pipe

Man, can they take some heat.

Cheater’s Apology Fail

Pro tip: don’t tape your apology over the video showing you having the actual affair.