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Gandalf Sax Riot After 4 Day Long LAN Party

A good LAN party is only successful if you go nuts on Epic Sax Gandalf.

Epic Freakout Over World of Warcraft

After mom cancels his WoW account there’s only one way this guy can react.

Fat Lady Gets Out of BMW

More of her just keeps coming and coming.

How To Pull the Appropriate Guitar Faces

From lyric-mimicking to smelling the skunk, they’re all here.

World’s Most Epic and Hilarious Fight Scene

Not even the Matrix comes close to this.

EPIC Yoga Instructor Exercise Fail

Even the ocean thinks yoga is a load of old crap.

Hardcore Parkour

This is just the crayest, illest, maddest, baddest freerunning you’re ever going to witness. For real.

How to Get a Baby Phone Toy to Curse

Kids these days, totally spoilt—back when we were young we had to shout motherfucker with our own mouths.

Amazing Bottle Flip Trick Shot

This guy should win every award in the world going.

Epic Parrot is Coming for You…with Explosions

If Michael Bay made movies about parrots coming for you, he could only hope for it to be as epic as this.

Guy Delivers Pizza. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

Now THIS is how you deliver pizza like a boss.

Epic Eyewitness News FAIL Hamster Mugshot

Meet Rodney Stanger, delinquent rodent and wrongdoer.

Hydroplaning Bike

Jesus may’ve walked on water, but this guy goes one better, and recalls his attempts to ride a bike on water. #winning #Kinda

The Epic Pants Split Feat. Van Damme

You’ve probably already seen this ad, but watch again closely, because you might’ve missed something.

Huge Ocean Waves Pwn Fisherman

Somewhere below the surface, the fish are laughing too.

Useless Box with Surprises

It may be useless, but everyone needs to own one of these.

Epic Fall.. (Best Video Ever)

Credit to her for not letting go of the phone.

Epic Projectile Vomit

The day you stop recording your buddy projectile vomming and uploading it to YouTube is the day you die inside.

Rooftop Parkour

Why walk when you can climb across rooftops? Like getting from one end of Cambridge, England to the other. Easy.

Best Longboard Save Ever

Epic winage.