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Stranger Things Season 2 is Coming…

Netflix horror series Stranger Things was an ode to all things 1980s, Stephen King, Spielberg, the hair, the clothes, the bikes. If it found a place in your heart, you’ll be totally stoked at the trailer for season 2, which picks up a year after the events of season 1 in 1984.

What is Rap? – Switchback 1987 Stu Jeffries

Proof, finally, that rap music ain’t what it used to be. It is music’s, and our, loss.

This Is England: The Musical (by Dan Bull)

If you live in the UK, or even if you don’t, you may’ve come across a film called This Is England about a group of skinhead neo-fascists, who aren’t really neo-fascists, well one of them kind of is, but the others are just sweet youths trying to get through the end of a decade of […]