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Drunk Guy Serenades His Cat

The things men do for pussy.

How to drink fast! Really fast!

Kids, this is how you drink!

Wolf Freaks Out Revellers

If these people hadn’t been filming themselves making a drunken racket when a wild animal appears, when they tried to recount this story the morning after no one would’ve believed them. But the evidence is there in this footage: a wolf roaming the streets of London in plain sight. Foxes beware, you may have some […]

Victor Lewis-Smith Winds Up QVC!

Ernie from Dagenham, you are a scourge on the good drivers of the British Isles.

Drunk Lady at the Beach

When you’re so fat the sea won’t even take you, you probably need to diet. But the thing is, no matter how hard the sea tries, it struggles to get rid of her. It can beach a whale, but not this chubby Snorlax.

She Needs Dumbledore

There is a point at every party when the drunk crying girl in the bathroom, who’s had too much Sambuca and smoked one joint too many, needs to hear Dumbledore. And this is that point.

Mr Don’t Give a Fuck

Right after this he went and spat in the face of God.

I’m NOT Drunk: The Game

The game where you stumble about spilling beer down women’s cleavages before your wife drags you away as you scream, “I’ll SHOW YOU THE LIFE OF THE MIND!!” and quote random song titles, before kicking over the BBQ, setting the cat on fire and pissing in the punch bowl. Good times.

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