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Netflix Narcos Season 3 Trailer

If you’re a fan of the Columbian cocaine trade from the 1980s then you’ll be glad to hear Narcos season 3 is coming to Netflix this year.

The Greatest Music Festival Advert Ever


21st Century Drugs

There’s a new drug in town…

Don’t Do Drugs, Do Fruit

Or do both.

BBC News Reporter Inhales Burning Drugs And Gets High

Perks of the job.

New Zealand Drug Driving Ad

Yeah, that waving cat gets me every time too.

Living the Twisted MDMA Dream

The greatest anti-drug PSA there never was.

Drugs Are Bad?

Now this guy’s definitely someone who’s having a very memorable time, indeed.

Comebacks to Drugs – Swan Hill Health

A very important video with some handy tips on how to say no to drugs. It just so happens to be inadvertently hilarious too.

Best Cop Ever

Who knew a cop could be so damn likable!?

Ecstasy Is A Helluva Drug…

Proof that drugs are bad.

Does Miss Iowa Accidentally Support Smoking Weed?

Hey, it’s hard not to agree with her.

“I’m SO High Right Now!”

Note to self: Animals should never do drugs………especially yours!

Mad High, Yo

When you’re out of your tree on chemicals, this is exactly the sort of tripped out crazies you need to entertainment you. Ballet dancers + acid = fuck yeah.

They’re Raving, They’re Raving

Get the white gloves on, get the whistle out and throw those hands in the air. Oh and of course don’t forget to neck about 50 pills so your eyes bulge to the size of black holes and form an even horizon so if anyone gets too close they’ll suddenly start rushing. Apart from that […]

Chase & Status – “Blind Faith”

This’ll take you back to them good old days of raving in fields wearing baggy clothes, while gurning half your face off with some of your best mates: pills and spliffs. Basically there’s lots of people from the north of England swearing, dancing, and taking shit loads of drugs. Tune’s not bad either.

Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth

Don’t bogart your dentist, my friend, pass it on to me! I want what she’s got. I wanna go to the magical unicorn land. I’ll meet you there, by the rainbow fountain where the Care Bears catch the dreams of ghosts in nets made from hope…

SpongeBob On Drugs

This is your SpongeBob, and this is your SpongeBob on drugs. And there’s not a fried egg in sight. Personally, I can’t tell the difference.