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Dog Sounds like Star Wars TIE Fighters

So this is how the sound FX were done.

Finley the Dog’s Morning Routine

Just a typical weekday morning for the remarkable dog known as Finley.

Text to Speech Dog Translation

YouTube user kmlkmljkl ran his Pomeranian’s sneezes and barks through a text to speech translator and this is the hilarious result.

Impatient Pups Won’t Stop Beeping Car Horn

They like going for rides in the car, but they sure as hell don’t like waiting.

This Dancing Dog Loves to Bust a Move

This needs to be at least four hours longer.

This Screaming Dog Will Give You Nightmares

Sounds like a fox in heat, getting strangled by a cat.

Dog in a Teddy Bear Outfit On a Treadmill

Munchkin the Shih Tzu gets some exercise.

Dog vs Tater Tot – The Translation

A dog does everything in his power to get the elusive Tater Tot.

Greatest Dog Trick Ever

All dogs should know this trick as standard.

Marv Turns One

Just wait for it.

Woman Farts…Dog Responds…

Farting while you’re asleep is a lowdown dirty thing to do.

My Super Saiyan Cat Saved My Son

A dramatic situation gets even more dramatic with some added Dragon Ball.

Dog Barks at Herself Barking at Herself Barking at Herself

This is so meta, it’s a wonder the universe didn’t open and swallow itself whole.

Superdog Flying to the Couch FAIL

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it.

Dog Vs. Teddy Bear

The dog is scared shitless of this teddy bear. Literally.

Giant Eel Attacks Dog

Beware dog walkers, beware.


Dog versus doorstop, who will win?

Dog Imitating Siren

Let’s hope they replace sirens with this dog in the future.

Texts From My Dog

No doubt the funniest thing you’ll read today. Or any day.

77lb Fat Weiner Dog Loses 50 Pounds by Going on a Diet

Is that a baby seal or a dog?