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The Scottish Lilo & Stitch

Hilarious, but certainly not safe for the kids to watch.

Donald Duck the Drill Sergeant

Content Aware Scale + Full Metal Disney = LOL

Tarzan Toy Does Something Not Very Child Friendly

The designers of this toy must be secretly laughing that they got this past the execs.

Star Wars Musical (Disney Parody)

The world’s of Disney characters and Star Wars collide.

If Disney Made Breaking Bad

Bitch, this is fricking amazing and a vast improvement to the original scene in Frozen.

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney’s Destino

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborated on a short animation back in 1946 which was never completed—until 2003 when Walt’s nephew Roy brought it back to life. Who knew?

Darth Vader: What Are You Going to Do Next?

Darth is now part of the happy Disney family, so what next for this Dark Lord? A buddy movie with Mickey?

Disney’s Man and the Moon Remix

Explain to me how this was not going to work. It’s got Disney, it’s got techno. Win-win all round methinks. Whoop. Whoop.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

So rock gods go to heaven too? I hope so. And what about food? Does food go to heaven? Like rice, does that go to heaven? Those god botherers certainly are a confusing bunch. Make your own at Church sign maker.

David Lynch’s A Goofy Movie

This mash-up is a re-imagining of Disney’s A Goofy Movie, if made by the wonderful David Lynch. It’s creepy and delicious. Lap it up.