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Darth Vader Performs Star Wars Themes on Flaming Bagpipes

Portland, Oregon-based musician Brian Kidd, aka ‘The Unipiper’ dresses up as Darth Vader to perform iconic Star Wars music on his famous flaming bagpipes, while maintaining his balance on a Death Star yoga ball.

Darth Trump

A vote for Trump is a vote for the empire.?

Voice of Winnie the Pooh Reads Star Wars as Darth Vader

Every phase of your childhood wrapped into one.

Unicycling Darth Vader upgrades to Flaming Bagpipes

It was only a matter of time….

Darth Vader: What Are You Going to Do Next?

Darth is now part of the happy Disney family, so what next for this Dark Lord? A buddy movie with Mickey?

10 Hours of Darth Vader Breathing

The question is, do you watch it all in case something amazing happens? Are you that sad?

Darth Being A Douche

Behind that dark and foreboding figure who tortures his own daughter and is complicit in the destruction of her home planet, behind the wanton dispassionate choking of his own henchmen, lies a practical joker who just likes to wind people up. Lolz.

The Empire Strikes Cat

I’m feline this. Possibly the greatest photo ever shooped. Possibly.